Alan AI boosted speed to market and saved dev resources by switching to Webflow from traditional web development.

Alan AI is an Actionable AI Platform that enables developers to build, deploy and manage AI Assistants in a few days. Using Alan AI, you can build AI assistants that interact with users in natural language via voice or text and take actions in any app or software.

The Alan AI team was struggling with their custom-coded marketing website. The design was outdated, and it was difficult and time-consuming to make updates. This was preventing them from keeping their site fresh and engaging for their visitors.They decided to move their site to Webflow in order to create a more modern and user-friendly website, while also making it easier and faster to make updates in the future.

The Story

We started by exploring three different visual concepts to help us understand which direction to move in. Once we had a good understanding of the client's vision, we worked with their internal team to create a sitemap with all of the pages laid out in Google Sheets and ranked by priority. This gave us a clear plan to execute the project.

One of the client's main requests was to be able to update the website as frequently as possible. To achieve this, we used an iterative approach, updating the pages one-by-one. This allowed us to push new bug fixes and pages to live within just a few days.

We also provided daily reports to the Alan AI team to keep them updated on our progress and to make sure that we were meeting their expectations.

We completed almost all of the requests within 1-3 days, which allowed the Alan AI team to make quick iterations and decisions if their priorities changed.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the Alan AI team, the project was a huge success. The business got a completely redesigned and rebuilt website in just 3 months, with improved performance and speed, easier navigation, a more engaging and visually appealing experience, and the ability to update and maintain the website more quickly and easily.

“Div Block Studio always delivered items on time, showcasing a high level of professionalism and dedication.”
Andrey Ryabov
Alan AI, Co-founder & CTO