Admirals accelerated websites creation by using Webflow.

Admirals (ex-Admiral Markets) is a leading online trading provider, offering trading with Forex and CFDs on stocks, indices, precious metals and energy.

Traditionally, Admirals created marketing and company websites by having multiple people from different departments work on different aspects of the project. This process was slow and inefficient, as it required a lot of communication and waiting for people to become available.

However, we changed this by working full-time with Admirals teams to take on all of the design and development work for marketing websites.

This not only sped up the process of website creation from months to weeks and in some cases, even days, but saved team resources to focus on more important projects.

Admirals Cards

Admirals cards is a marketing campaign website that was launched in record time to inform customers about a new debit card product and let them sign up for a waitlist to be among the first to use it.

The project features a lightning-fast 5 days build and Make integration, which sends form submissions with data to a Google Sheet. This makes it super handy for the Sales and Marketing teams to track customer interest and engage with potential customers directly.

The cards website generated a 200% more waitlist sign-ups than email marketing, making it clear that the website was a much more effective marketing channel.

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Historica is an interactive world map that showcases the evolution of political borders throughout history.

Our goal was to create a SEO-optimized, scalable Webflow website that would be easy for the content team to manage.

We created website that is packed with features such as semantic development, Mailchimp integration, multiple schema markups, custom gallery slider, social sharing for articles, AI-generated graphics, CMS-driven blog filters, and more.

The project scope was a moving target, which required us to be agile and responsive. We had to be constantly communicating with stakeholders to clarify requirements and make changes as needed.

Historica was featured at the Cambridge public talks on August 28, 2023 and met with positive reviews.

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Admiral Markets Group

The Admiral Markets Group website is a comprehensive resource for information about the company, including its reports, history, and management team.

Our goal was to update the website's design to reflect the company's new branding and migrate it to Webflow, a platform that would make it easier to manage.

We successfully completed both of these goals, and the updated website is now a modern and user-friendly resource for anyone interested in learning more about Admiral Markets Group.

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“Div Block Studio is an amazing partner! With their help, we were able to shift from a months-long timeline to launching initiatives and testing hypotheses in just days, saving invaluable resources.”
Pavel Rysych
Admirals, Head of Design