Helping the leading online trading provider launch web initiatives, marketing efforts, and test product hypotheses in days instead of months.
Design & Development
Social sharing
Custom code
Complex CMS
3rd party integrations

Alan AI

We partnered with Alan AI to streamline their web development process by transitioning from traditional methods to the Webflow, resulting in accelerated time to market and optimized dev resources utilization.
Design & Development
Custom code
Basic SEO


Built a modern and scalable company website for a B2B no-code SaaS platform, freed up internal team resources and enabled website updates to be 3x faster.
Design & Development
Custom code
Hubspot integration
Get the web design and Webflow development support you need, when you need it, without having to hire a full-time employee.
We integrate Webflow into companies' workflows, helping them to accelerate time to launch, reduce costs, and become more agile.
projects built
avg. turnaround
customer satisfaction
Business values
Flexible workflow

The priorities might change frequently, and it’s important to be adaptable. We align to your business needs on the fly, ensuring that we are always in sync with your evolving priorities.

Fast turnarounds

Speed is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve. That's why we aim to complete most requests within just 1-5 business days on average.

Experienced team

We're a team of design and Webflow experts with a proven ability to help SaaS startups and large companies achieve their digital goals.

Dedicated team

We are your on-demand internal team, here to help you with design and Webflow development, whenever you need it.

Transparent process

We understand the importance of being aware of how’s the project is coming along, that’s why we always around to answer any questions and providing regular updates on project's progress.

Fixed price

The price is set in stone and won't change during our engagement, no matter what. We also do not automatically bill our clients, unlike most subscription services.

Our clients achieve the best results when they work with us long-term.
“Div Block Studio is an amazing partner! With their help, we were able to shift from a months-long timeline to launching initiatives and testing hypotheses in just days, saving invaluable resources.”
Pavel Rysych
Admirals, Head of Design
• 2 seats available
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Great for companies that needs occasional web design and Webflow development support.
Design & Webflow development
~60 hr/mo
avg. 2-7 days turnaround
• 1 seat available
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Get more done, faster with dedicated expert. Ideal for startups and businesses with a large pool of tasks and a need for frequent results.
Dedicated Designer & Webflow developer
~120 hr/mo
avg. 1-3 days turnaround
Priority support
Ice breaker
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This is a low-risk way to see if we're a good fit for each other before making a long-term commitment.
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Scout program
Earn with us!
Join our scout program and earn 10% commission on every sale.
What services are included in the subscription?

At this stage we’re focused on providing Web design and Webflow development services only.

What are the benefits of subscription?

Our Design and Webflow development subscription gives you the freedom to go wild (but please stay on the right side of the law 😉). You can change your mind about the scope, priorities, and ask for revisions as many times as you want. We'll handle it all. Plus, you don't have to worry about hiring or training new employees. And the best part? The price is set in stone, so there are no surprises or additional cost. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

What is turnaround time?

It’s the amount of time it takes to complete a task. The turnaround time can vary depending on the complexity of the task. Note that the turnaround time is for one specific task, e.x. design or development.

For part-time plan:

Small tasks, edits — 1-2 days
New pages, sections — up to 7 days

For full-time plan:

Small tasks, edits — Same day
New pages, sections — up to 3 days

In certain cases the turnaround time could be longer (e.x. complex integration, custom coded solution, complex design, etc.), but we will always discuss this with you upfront and provide you with a realistic turnaround time estimate.

What if I don’t like the results?

We understand that you may not like the results of the design at first. That's why we offer unlimited revisions until you're 100% happy with the final product. We want you to be completely satisfied with your design, and we'll work with you until we get it right.

Is your service suitable for me?

It depends on your needs. We’re the best fit if you need:

Design and build websites on a regular basis

Great option if you want to speed up your marketing or product game and launch websites in days, instead of months.

Create a scalable company website with ongoing support

We can create a website that can grow with your business, and we'll be there to provide support and maintenance as needed.

How does the billing works?

We'll create a contract and invoice for you. Once we're done, we'll send you a Payoneer payment link. You can use this link to pay us however you like. Once we've received your payment, we'll start working on your project within 24 hours.

Can I adjust my subscription to my requirements?

Sure! You’re free to cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time!